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 .... is a multi-part series featuring Methos and Duncan. How do two such disparate Immortals eventually evolve their friendship into something more?  Methos' past is partially revealed, and that past effects the present in more than one way.  It brings the two Immortals together, but can they survive the revelations that threaten to drive them apart?

Disclaimer:  Duncan MacLeod, Methos, Richie Ryan, Joe Dawson and other Highlander characters belong to Rysher Entertainment and Panzer/Davis Productions. All other original characters belong to me, for what that's worth :-)  I have intent to profit by the use of these characters.

Warnings! The following stories contain adult material in the areas of language, violence and/or of a sexual nature. NO persons under legal age in their locality may legally continue... please read responsibly! Rated NC-17 overall.

A Work in Progress!!
Please proceed with the understanding that not all stories
have been edited or beta'ed yet... and I can't speak to 
when I'll get around to finishing the whole thing :-)

by rac

The past enters the present in Methos' life in the form of an old friend, lover and student.  (final version, 9/98)

The past and the present combine in Methos' life in a certain way to create a possible future... one Methos is afraid to want.

Linear Perspective
The future coalesces into a shaky reality, offering Methos exactly what he wants. But the illusion of things isn't always solid, or show what is really there.

Reality has crashed into Methos' and Duncan's lives, irreversibly altering their relationship in ways they could never have forseen, and the struggle to cope is the biggest challenge they've ever fought.

Squaring Off
For two independent Immortals, discovering
that you need someone else to survive can be painful...and puts the pressure on them to make things work even in the face of great trials.

Full Circle
They've weathered their personal storms, and have found a new sense of peace. Now Duncan's and Methos' lives are tested by new things.... and some old ones, too.

Part Two  (updated July 5, 98 )

>>Greek and Mesopotamian 
>>Glossaries for definitions of mythological characters and names, etc, included in the stories.

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