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Home for the Holidays: A Highlander Christmas
Tis the season to be jolly, so try a fun little story about how Duncan and Amanda spent one holiday season.

Old Friends and Chocolate
If the cold and snow have you depressed, try this story about a nice, warm, sunny clime and how Duncan spent one relaxing holiday. Just don't blame me if you develop a sudden addiction to chocolate-covered strawberries.

Old Friends and Promises 
I never planned on writing a sequel to Old Friends and Chocolate. I rather liked the "Bogey and Bacall" ending :-) However, there was a loud and vocal bunch who weren't as pleased with the state I left Duncan and Charly in....so.... here it is in all it's gory (and I mean GORY) unedited, un-beta'ed and definitely not final version.   ...A Work in Progress!

Chances Are  
When life's got you down and you think that everything's conspiring against you, that's when the miracles happen. Sometimes those miracles get a helping hand from an unexpected source.... and your life is never the same again. My first HL fic was written for a friend who badly needed a pick-me-up. Raw; I'm definitely still learning, but makes me nostalgic.

Ships in the Night
When work, children, life in general becomes too much, sometimes a woman needs a bit of excitement to remind her she's alive. And for one overworked woman on a run-away vacation, a red-haired young man steps in to fill the bill.  

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