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A Raft of Love   NC-17  September, 1999
Destiny is like a river and there's only one thing that keeps people from sinking under its tide: love. It doesn't matter how far one's life stretches back into the past, or how long a life might extend out into the future, even Immortals can sink during life's rocky times without a raft of love to bear them up.  You'll find this story and many other wonderful tales in the 'zine Futures Without End #2

Sweet as Summer    NC-17 July, 1999
The old man has wandered off when the intimacy got too much. What happens when Duncan finds him? And how far will Duncan go to assure Methos' staying around?

Nose Prints on Glass   PG    February, 1999 
Methos is on his own, and discovers an interesting place that has him thinking about settling down. But is it the right place? 

A place in the world   PG  November, 1998
Sometimes it takes a bad thing happening to us or those we love before we wake up and realize what's important to us. 

Glimpses of Spring    NC-17  March, 1999 
The sweet scent of blooming plum and cherry carried upon spring breezes presages hope and renewal in Japan... and for old and weary Immortals, nourishes a deepened friendship and promise for the future.  First published in the 'zine Futures Without End #1.

A Roused Spirit    NC-17  August 27, 1998
Duncan and Methos vacation on the barrier islands of NC, and end up encountering more excitement than they bargained for. 

A multi-part story about Methos and Duncan, long and as yet, still unfinished. :-)


The Weatherglass Series
A Highlander / X-Files crossover series.  When the world of Immortals intersects unexpectedly with the world of two FBI agents, how does it effect the lives of those involved? 

  • Corposant  NC-17  June 1998
    Mulder discovers yet another alien life-form...and thinks its pretty cool :-)
  • Flash Flood   NC-17  January 2001
    Skinner's curiosity about Mulder's personal life spills over into his own...in more ways than one. 
Swords at Sunset contest story  with Carson Kearns  NC-17
An original entry in the first SAS contest at the HLQC, is a period piece that's an outrageous and wild romp through an imagined past of Duncan and Methos.


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