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Want links to other fiction sites and archives? See below.


What are The Wirerims? 

Go here to find out and read some great x-files fic!

I was honored to have some of my Skinner stories nominated in various categories of these awards. Thank you everyone, to the award organizers and those who nominated and voted for them.



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Mulder&Skinner--By Sean Spencer

This Mulder/Skinner Web Ring site 
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Sentinel Slash Virtual Season / 5Senses

Want some fine Sentinel reading entertainment? Try the SVS...new episodes each week!

Links, links, links! 

Since I've got plenty up on other sites, I'll simply refer you to those pages for some ideas on where to search out fiction.

For X-Files, try these pages: 

Requited, fiction and links 

NetCafe X-Files Recommendations page

The Wirerims Awards page, all Skinner fiction

Down in the Basement, a slash archive

RatB--The Red and the Black, a Krycek/Mulder, Krycek/Skinner archive

The Gossamer Project, an X-Files fiction archive


For Highlander, try these pages and check out their links, too:

NetCafe Highlander Recommendations page

The Highlander NetCafe

Highlander Quill Club

HLX, a Highlander adult fiction archive

The Seventh Dimension Highlander Fanfiction Archive

The Methos Boxer Brigade, fiction starring the Oldest Man


For Sentinel, try these pages:

852 Prospect, a slash archive

Guide Posts, a genfic archive

Radio Free Cascade, a multi-author home

NetCafe Sentinel Recommendations page


Hope this helps you get started on your journey to reading!


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