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02/23/01 Three new graphics added: "Abduction", on the Dies Irae story page; "Seduction", on the x-files slash page, and "Quiet Dazzle" on the Echoes in an Empty House story page.


02/01/01 Post Meridiem Synthesis, the final chapter   (X-Files) PG-13, slash

After many months, I've finally completed the last chapter in this series. Thanks for sticking with me!

01/19/01 Flash Flood  (an X-Files/Highlander slash xover)  NC-17

Almost three years later, here's the sequel to "Corposant".  Skinner's curiosity about Mulder's personal life spills over into his own...in more ways than one. 

01/11/01 Pas de Trois   (X-Files) NC-17, slash

It's post-Requiem, way post Requiem, and things have progressed along without Mulder. In many, many ways...but sometimes people show up at the most inconvenient moments, don't they?

A Perfect Christmas  (X-Files) NC-17, slash

It's post-Requiem (do you notice a trend, here? uh-huh) and life is getting back to normal in the lives of our favorite FBI agents.....sort of.

11/21/00 Revising History   (X-Files)  PG-13, slash

A birthday story for Xanthe, the Diva of all Skinnerfic. Since she's written Skinner in almost every conceivable circumstance, I thought I'd go somewhere different with this :-)

09/16/00 Post Meridiem Synthesis  (X-Files)  slash

Part Eight posted today!


09/01/00 Scentsational   (The Sentinel)   NC-17, slash

Scents and sense don't always go together, and the confusion doesn't always belong to the Sentinel.


08/29/00 Dies Irae     (X-Files)  PG-13, slash

Takes place sometime following the 7th season's last episode "Requiem"... a story of redemption.


Post Meridiem Synthesis  (X-Files)  NC-17, slash

Series spanning the 6th season...my explanation concerning what's happening behind the scenes with my favorite duo during this year.      New part posted 9/6/2000


08/05/00 Afterimages     (an X-Files/Highlander xover)  NC-17, slash

Disaster visits Walter Skinner's personal life, and coping with it leaves him floundering. Duncan MacLeod never asked to be involved, but fate intervenes. Together, they come face to face with some painful issues as their lives intersect between prevarication and grief, need and revelation, and both men must find new ways of thinking in the midst of change.

Originally printed in the zine, "Wounded Heroes: Tales of the Big Guys"



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