And In The End, story and graphic by rac

rating: PG for part one.

author's notes:  After listening to the Beatles' Abbey Road, in my original vinyl, mind you, no remastered mixes for me, The End (last track on side 2) kept playing over and over again (annoyingly) in my head. This is the result. Here I venture forth where other more intrepid and talented writers than I have trod. Mea culpa if my version inadvertently incorporates someone else's vision...if so, I plead good taste :-)

Thanks toLisby for her fabulous Vestigy, an amazing post-apocalyptic vision, and for Xanthe for After, another post-A story. Also thanks to Jay (frogdoggie) for his wonderful Dry Heat. These stories set my mind to wandering down the post-A path long ago, and if this result is any good, I thank them for the inspiration.

Summary: (yet one more) Post-apocalyptic story about the intrepid X-Files characters.


 added on:  1/23/00  a new graphic, just because I felt sorry for Alex....

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